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All on Four Treatments

All-On-Four Dental Procedure

If you have lost all your teeth in a jaw, best treatment you can get is All-on-four dental implants. All-on-four procedure is latest technique that gives you best stability, best convenience and best lifelike experience you can get.

The All-On-Four Implants are used in complete restoration of the upper or lower jaw. The All-On-Four treatment is a full set of permanent teeth that gives you permanent solution. Unlike other bridges which are supported by natural teeth, All-On-Four Implants are supported by just 4 implants placed at predetermined places in the jaw.

The Process

The process of replacing your teeth with All-On-Four implants are quite simple. Our Dentist will do a great research of your teeth and existing teeth will be extracted. Then placement of the All-On-Four Implants will begin with marking each insertion point on the surface of the bone.


After the procedure has finished, the patient will be required to follow the standard guidelines for post-surgery oral care. The patient is recommended to follow a soft-food diet for the first few months after the procedure. Once the healing process has completed, the patient will be ready to enjoy their life with brand set of permanent All-On-Four implants.