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Composit Treatments

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite fillings are fillings that are the same color as the tooth and are cured by radiation. It is applied on the tooth with a special adhesive. The filling applied to the anterior region is also known as aesthetic filling. It can be easily applied to all teeth in the mouth. Composite fillings are not as durable as porcelain fillings. With a good polish, you can use Composite fillings for many years without breaking.

What are the advantages of composite filling treatment?

Composite filling treatment addresses the aesthetic concerns of individuals. The advantages of composite filling treatment are that it can be applied in a short time, it is economical, and it can be used for a long time without any problems. The reasons for the frequent use of these fillings are that they are applied to more than one tooth in 1 day, the treatment is short, painless and painless, and easily applied to the back and front teeth. Filling material suitable for the color of the tooth is used in the treatment. This makes the filling look more natural. Since the fillings are well attached to the tooth, it supports the tooth tissues. It is an easily applied treatment without numbing the tooth and giving the patient pain and ache.