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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

The application called Hollywood smile is the most preferred smile design in recent years. In daily life, the face, mouth and smile are effective on the basis of a person's correct, positive and aesthetic expression. In this direction, people who are not happy with the appearance of their teeth and gums apply to dental aesthetic applications. Today, the Hollywood smile look can be achieved with all the applications planned for the needs of the person. With this application, which basically aims to have the smile of Hollywood stars, the lips, teeth and gums look flawless as a whole. First of all, we can say that the Hollywood smile smile design was completed in several different stages. First of all, the patient should be examined and his needs for an aesthetic smile should be determined. If there is existing tooth decay or gum disease, it should be treated. Afterwards, various problems such as symmetry disorders in the patient's teeth are eliminated. The procedures performed do not cause any pain or pain. If there is a need for applications such as implant treatment, anesthesia is administered before the procedure, thus preventing the patient from feeling pain.

What are the Advantages of Hollywood Smile?

In general, we can summarize the Hollywood smile advantages as a short list:

  • You will have a much more aesthetic and beautiful smile.
  • A symmetrical and white tooth appearance appears
  • A healthier view of teeth and gums is obtained
  • Treatment of existing dental and gingival diseases is also provided.
  • A correct mouth closure is achieved
  • A half-moon or moon-shaped smile line is created.
  • This smile design supports the person to look younger and more energetic