Transit Bipartition

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Transit Bipartisyon

Transit Bipartition

Hotel Accommodation Duration
3 Nights
Rest of Hospitalization
3 Nights
Operation Time
2 Hours
Approximate Recovery Time
1 Week

Transit Bipartition

One of the most important diseases of our time is Diabetes Mellitus. Although diabetes has more than one type, it is the most common type 2 Diabetes among the population. Type 2 diabetes has become a disease that can be treated with surgical methods as a result of recent studies. The most common type of surgery in Type 2 Diabetes is transit bipartition surgery. Transit bipartition is the safest type of diabetes surgery both effective and in terms of complications. In this operation performed by laparascopic methods, an important part of the stomach and twelve-finger intestinal integrity are preserved and there is no reduction in the absorption of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body after this operation.

Surgical treatment of Type 2 Diabetes is possible.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease characterized by the pancreas not secreting enough insulin or developing resistance to secreted insulin. Therefore, in patients with sufficient insulin reserves, the aim of this operation is to make insulin more effective and to reduce the patient's dependence on the drug. Transit bipartition operation is an operation that provides excellent results in patients who are both overweight (obese) and have Type 2 diabetes and therefore have extra metabolic diseases. Patients lose weight after the operation and get rid of the drug load due to diabetes.

Transit bipartition is an operation performed by laparoscopic method and lasts about 1.5 hours. The operation is carried out on the small intestine. With surgery, one-third of the small intestine is connected to the stomach. Thus, the hormones of the small intestine are stimulated, and diabetes is controlled.

Who can transit bipartition surgery be applied to?

First, the most important issue to be underlined; Transit bipartition operation is a surgical method that only applies to Type 2 diabetes. In general terms, the following criteria are sought in patients who may have transit bipartition operation;

  • Type 2 Diabetes to become Mellitus.
  • The patient's body mass index should be above 30 kg/m2
  • With a general health condition at risk due to overweight and diabetes
  • General health condition is considered suitable for surgery

Who wants to lose weight and is prepared for the postoperative process?

People who meet the psychological standards required for the decision of the operation are considered as suitable candidates for transit bipartition surgery.