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What is an implant?

dental implant; They are titanium screws placed in the jawbone instead of missing teeth in the mouth. The missing teeth are filled with dental prostheses suitable for the patient such as crowns and bridges placed on these screws.

How is a dental implant applied?

First of all, the general health status of the patient to be implanted is evaluated and an intraoral examination is performed. The suitability of the existing bone for the implant is evaluated with 3D radiographic images. The length and diameter of the implant is decided by making millimetric measurements on this radiograph. After the pre-planning is done, the procedure is started under local anesthesia. Slots are opened for implants in the jawbone and after the implants are placed in these sockets, the process is terminated by suturing. An average of 1 week after the operation, the sutures are removed and a control examination is performed.