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Precision-crafted zirconium crowns at Casas Clinics, showcasing durability and aesthetics.

Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

A dental crown is a covering used to cover teeth or dental implants. Dentists often recommend crowns to support a broken, loose, or misshapen tooth. Dental crowns can also be used to mask severely worn or discolored teeth. It can be used with bridges to strengthen different teeth. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including ceramic and metal. Zirconium crowns are another option that most people go for. Zirconium, a very durable ceramic material, is used to make zirconia crowns.
Why Choose Zirconia Crown?
Various conditions can lead to tooth erosion or cavities. Tooth decay, trauma, and natural aging are among the most common causes of tooth damage. Grinding your teeth, cutting, or biting on hard objects can cause your teeth to lose their shape or shrink in size. Zirconium crowns do not help to rejuvenate original teeth, but they do prevent tooth decay and improve the appearance of damaged teeth. Zirconia crowns are less likely to create tension and injury to opposing components than porcelain crowns. When rubbing against your other teeth, the latter may function like sandpaper, causing enamel degradation.
What Are the Advantages of Zirconia Crown?
Zirconia has been used in the human body for a very long time. Because of its strength and biocompatibility, it is an excellent and safe choice for restorative dental material. Many patients are worried about the use of metals in dental restorations and how they may have a harmful effect on their health.
Zirconia is the most durable monolithic ceramic, which is a ceramic that is created without the addition of any other components. Zirconia is more split-resistant, stiffer, and stronger when compared to glass ceramics and dental composite. These qualities prevent cracking and chipping of the neighboring teeth as well as the tooth beneath the crown. Zirconia offers a stronger shielding capability, allowing it to withstand heavier loads without affecting the integrity of your smile. Zirconia crowns are becoming more and more popular and have a number of advantages.
The strength and durability of zirconium oxide are two main properties. Consider the force your molars exert on the food you chew. Zirconium can be a good choice for crowns at the back of the mouth because it must be made of durable material. In addition, because zirconium oxide is so strong, the dentist does not need to prepare many spare crowns.
Zirconia crowns, also known as monolithic zirconia crowns, are extremely durable. When properly cared for, most dental crowns endure five to fifteen years. Your oral hygiene, among other personal habits, will determine how long they will last. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, for example, you may require a replacement sooner than someone who does not.
Due to their flat surface, zirconia crowns are highly biocompatible. Multilayer crowns made of zirconium dioxide are especially durable. The ceramic used in the layers lack the hardness of hard zirconium oxide but is designed to adhere to the zirconium substrate, making scratches and cracks extremely rare. In addition, this substance enhances the response of healthy tissues. Many dentists choose zirconia for its biocompatibility. In other words, it is better to provoke a reaction in the body, such as an immune response or inflammation.
Quick Procedure:
Instead of sending an impression of the tooth to the lab for a crown, many dentists can manufacture a zirconia crown in the clinic. Crowns can also be fixed in one visit.
Zirconium can be produced in a variety of ways to meet the needs of patients according to several criteria such as chemical composition and processing requirements. Zirconium is an excellent choice for those who are allergic to metals or who want metal-free restorations. This customization reduces error and ensures the perfect fit for each individual. Since zirconium oxide does not contain metal, it does not change the color of the area around the gums. This prevents the metal edges from being exposed due to receding gums.
What Are the Drawbacks?
Zirconium crowns, like any other dentistry, can have drawbacks. A disadvantage of zirconia crowns is that they can look less realistic than they actually are due to their dull look. This is especially true for monolithic zirconia crowns that are made entirely of zirconia but may be less harmful to the teeth at the back of the mouth.
What Is the Procedure Like?
For the installation of a dental crown, there are two primary types of operations. During one visit, your dentist can prepare your tooth and place a temporary crown and then cement the permanent crown into place during the second visit. You can even have the operation done on the same day.
The crown is affixed to the residual portion of the tooth above the gumline, although it can also be affixed to implants. They are the same form and color as the patient’s natural teeth. Crowns can also be utilized to keep devitalized teeth from deteriorating further. Crowns are also commonly used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes.
On the treatment site, a local anesthetic is used. The initial stage after numbing the patient is tooth preparation and reduction. The support and adjacent teeth are imprinted by the dentist. A temporary crown is fitted to the tooth while the zirconia crown is being prepared. Within a few days, the zirconia crown will be ready. The dentist places the zirconia crown on the abutment and secures it with dental cement.
Maintain proper oral hygiene as you would with your other teeth. Brush at least twice a day, floss or clean between your teeth at least once a day with interdental brushes, and consider utilizing additional beneficial items such as antibacterial mouth rinses and tongue scrapers. Make an appointment with your dentist frequent to monitor the condition of your crown. If you have a tooth that is worn down, broken, or chipped and are unsure whether zirconia is the proper material for your crown, your dental expert will be able to advise you.
Contact us Today!
Casas Clinics always directs applicants to a dentist who specializes in the patient’s dental treatment. In addition, when a reservation is planned with Casas Clinics, quality certified zirconium crowns are always used. Moreover, these ziconium coatings are guaranteed for many years. Contact us today and get a free consultation about Zirconium veneer treatments.

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